1. Easter sketch. Bunny’s probably done with my shit… XD

  2. Super quick sketch before I send the laptop to the repair guys. Based on that Apollon Trio Pash! poster XD I really miss doodling with the tablet but laptop won’t allow me boohoo!


  3. Anonymous asked: Browsing through your klk tag I came across your drawing of satsuki with bwiset ka written on in and all I can say is: HOLY SHIT YOU'RE FILIPINO!!! I don't get to come across pinoy klk fanartists on tumblr much so seeing it was quite a pleasant surprise. Your drawings are cool! Keep up the good work!

    Awwww!!!! Thank you so much! Other filipinos also spotted it hehehehehe Mabuhay ang pinoy dito sa tumblr!!!!!!! *waves Philippine flag*

  4. Alright! Last post for today and I’m off to work. Weekend sketches after a stressful week at work.

  5. Another sketch set, not so nsfw-ish just kissing and licking ^////^ third pic is a sketch for a R-18 comic. A stress releasing comic XD

  6. Oooops! Blue pencil NSFW sketches from the previous weeks. The last pic is just something stupid hehehe. It really does help to release stress… I might do more XD

  7. I drew the devil.

  8. Taibani drawings from last week to finish my sketchpad. There’s a handful of nsfw sketches too which I will post later this week.


  9. Anonymous asked: Which brushes do you use?? And for colour?

    Hi anon. I only use the default pencil brush in sai for line arts. Sometimes I adjust the settings to have a pencil like texture. For color I use the default brush for painting (although I rarely color things) and sometimes the marker tool with adjusted settings :)


  10. little-bunny-sweetseek asked: 11

    Hehehe… Something comfy to beat the heat.┬áIt’s summer already so my hair is in a bun. Thank you for the question dear ^ 3 ^