1. Hello anon! It’s okay and thank you for the ask. So sorry for the late reply and for the screencap. Here you go since I always draw Kotetsu I used him for your request. The ask was about the artist ask I posted last march.

  2. A sketch that most probably won’t be inked due to fright of ruining it.

  3. I’m still alive!!!! Just distanced myself from tumblr. Anyways, here’s Revolutionary Girl Satsuki because I had overdone her epaulettes XD I also don’t have proper reference for her bakuzan orz

  4. BTB nap time. Just posting something to break my some-kinda-hiatus.

    Edit: tumblr mobile is seriously pissing me off…
  5. Screencap redraw wip. Halfway of coloring this I kinda got disturbed with the outcome so nope, not today Milady.

  6. Ourobunny for Little Bunny Sweetseek. She’s also an awesome cosplayer especially Barnaby and fem Barnaby!!! ^////////^ I’ll be looking forward for your Ourobunny cosplay!

  7. Something different from my usual posts. Inspired by Darkstalkers artbook I saw at the local bookstore.

  8. Phone sketches earlier while waiting for the free comic event to begin. Good things that happened today are my good haul of comics and discovering the zoom tool on sketchbook mobile :)

  9. Sketched at 4 am and inked at 8 am, no wonder ojisan’s hand looked wierd… My body clock is still on night shift mode.

  10. Being nostalgic last week and I decided to read yami no matsuei vol. 5 and pretty much fell inlove with fem Tsuzuki aka Ruka’s designs. It also reminded me how I already forgot to draw gorgeous locks like Matsushita-sensei does orz…